Matt Striker — Tells Commentary Critics to ‘Eat a D**k’ After Wrestle Kingdom 10

Matt Striker wrestle kingdom 10 commentary eat a dick

Lucha Underground commentator Matt Striker had some choice words for people who didn’t like his Wrestle Kingdom 10 commentary this morning … telling unhappy viewers to “eat a d**k.”

Not long after the annual event, Striker tweeted saying, “Haters can eat a d**k; half the stuff they hate on I don’t even say. Learn the sound of my voice (no matter how much u hate it ) b4 u whine.”

It’s unclear what exactly set Matt Striker off, especially since the bulk of commentary criticism was directed at former WWE star Yoshi Tatsu — but something said definitely made him angry.

Tatsu, however, apologized on Twitter for his behavior during the final matches … saying, “Thank u 4 watching my commentary tonight. I had complicated emotion for last two matches. So I didn’t pay attention. I’ll do my best 2maro.”

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