Matt Riddle Officially Introduced to SmackDown

matt riddle smackdown video vignette kurt angle

Matt Riddle is officially moving to SmackDown, as seen in a video hyping his arrival! 

During tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown on FOX, Kurt Angle was shown introducing a new Superstar to SmackDown who he said he’s gotten the pleasure of knowing lately – Matt Riddle.

A video was then played which featured Riddle talking about himself.

“My name is Matthew Riddle. It’s kind of ironic that my name is Riddle, because I’m a tough dude to figure out,” he said in the vignette. “I’m pretty chill, but I can go from bro down to throw down with the flip of a switch.”

“I competed all over the world in all kinds of rings and I’ve done it all … without wearing shoes,” he added in the voiceover.

In case you missed it, Riddle was written off NXT TV this week after losing a “Fight Pit” match.

Watch his SmackDown vignette below.

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