Matt Riddle’s Wife Says NXT Offer Came Right After NJPW Expressed Interest

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Triple H snagged Matt Riddle from under the nose of NJPW this summer, this according to the new NXT signee’s wife in a now deleted video she shared. 

Lisa Riddle published a video Sunday on YouTube detailing the signing process, which she says began in June after NJPW’s President emailed Matt expressing interest in bringing him to Japan.

Matt’s wife says her husband then contacted EVOLVE‘s Gabe Sapolsky, who serves as a creative consultant for NXT, to inform him of New Japan’s interest. The next thing he knew, Triple H was calling. Riddle spoke with the WWE exec for 30 mins and it ended with Hunter offering a contract.

The deal came in mid-July and was finalized a few weeks later after he passed his physical. Lisa says Matt is scheduled to report for duty on September 4 at the Performance Center.

In talking about that, Lisa Riddle noted that NXT is considered the minor leagues of WWE, but Matt has been told he probably won’t be there for very long. “He is going to the Performance Center, which is honestly … it’s the minor leagues of the WWE,” she explained. “Just like any other professional sport. You get signed, 99% of the time you’re going to the minor leagues first.”

The video was deleted hours after posting.