Matt Riddle Debuts on SmackDown With Big Win Over AJ Styles (VIDEO)

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Matt Riddle’s Friday Night SmackDown debut happened tonight, with “The Original Bro” getting a surprising win over AJ Styles.

This week’s show began with AJ Styles celebrating his Intercontinental Championship victory while the ring was surrounded by WWE Superstars.

After a back and forth on the microphone with Daniel Bryan, Styles said that anyone who wants a title shot has to earn it and that the next person who runs their mouth to him would have to deal with the consequences. 

This prompted Matt Riddle’s music to hit as he made his way to the ring. The two wrestlers exchanged words and it ultimately led to AJ giving him a match, without the title on the line.

After a lengthy match, Riddle picked up a surprise win after hitting the Bro-Derek.

As we previously reported, the former NXT wrestler had allegations of sexual assault brought against him as part of the current #SpeakingOut movement. His lawyer, however, has released a statement denying the claims made by wrestler Candy Cartwright.

Watch the finish of the match below.

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  1. THE_ALMIGHTY_SMACK | June 20, 2020 at 11:01 am | Reply

    get accused of rape and get a win over AJ Styles in the same day good job WWE

  2. he grabbed aj styles crotch in that corner grapple’=

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