WATCH: Matt Hardy Explains What Happened to His ‘Woken’ Persona

woken matt hardy explanation persona video smackdown

Matt Hardy returned to SmackDown this week, but it wasn’t as his “Woken” persona … and in a new video he explains why. 

Hardy published a video on Thursday titled “Meet the MULTIFARIOUS Matt Hardy” in which he states, “I know some of you guys have been confused, you don’t quite understand, the last time you saw me I was ‘WOKEN’ Matt Hardy.”

“Well this is the deal,” Matt continues. “I have learned how to control the ‘Woken’ wonder that dwells inside of me. And now, you are looking at redefined Matt Hardy.”

The wrestler goes on to explain that he is now comprised of many different elements (aka his past gimmicks) and he can call upon them at any time.

Watch the full video below.