Matt Hardy Wants Credit For The Elite’s Success

It would appear that AEW star Matt Hardy is claiming partial credit for the recent success of his colleagues Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks.

Hardy took to Twitter to brag about his influence.

“I came to [AEW] to thrive creatively, give back, & create new stars,” he said. Adding that he gave his “ICONIC rub” to the three members of The Elite during the Stadium Stampede match at Double or Nothing back in May.

“Kenny Omega is now the AEW World Champ. The Young Bucks are the AEW World Tag Champs,” he continued. “I MAKE STARS. THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH.”

If you watched the battle royal on tonight’s Dynamite, you may have noticed Matt acting a little out of sorts … more so than usual, so it’s safe to assume this tweet is part of a storyline.

But who knows. Maybe he’s just starting to crave a little credit.