Matt Hardy Says ‘Goodbye’ After Being Written Off WWE TV For Now

matt hardy written off wwe tv says goodbye

Looks like Matt Hardy’s latest WWE run has come to an end, as the wrestler took to social media after tonight’s edition of Raw to say goodbye.

In case you missed it … Matt interrupted Randy Orton during tonight’s show and, while asking for an answer as to why he attacked Edge, listed some of his accomplishments over the past few decades.

The segment ended with Randy hitting an RKO on Matt, then a con-chair-to. 

According to WWE sources, the purpose of this was to write Hardy off TV. 

As we previously reported, the 45-year-old’s current WWE deal expires in March and he’s been public about the fact that he wants to be creatively satisfied with his next venture in wrestling. While it’s not confirmed he’s heading to All Elite Wrestling quite yet, Matt released a video today strongly hinting at the idea of him being The Dark Order’s yet-to-be-revealed leader known as “The Exalted One.”

After his segment during tonight’s show, Matt Hardy tweeted a photo of himself in the ring with the caption “goodbye” and linked to his latest episode of “Free the Delete.”

Watch his write-off segment below.