Matt Hardy Joins AEW, Makes First Appearance on Dynamite (VIDEO)

matt hardy aew all elite wrestling video reveal blood and guts

Broken Matt Hardy has officially joined All Elite Wrestling! 

Matt released the latest episode of “Free the Delete” Wednesday night which showed a more evil-looking entity take over his vessel during the rebirth of Broken Matt. The episode ended with Matt being in sync with Vanguard 1 again, as he instructed the drone to take him to Arcadia.

Fast forward to later in the evening on Dynamite, as the show was nearing the end, after Inner Circle gained the advantage in next week’s Blood and Guts match.

The group gloated on the stage to hype their upcoming encounter and talked about how The Elite were down one member of their team due to Nick Jackson not being cleared. As Jericho continued to talk, a drone could be heard flying into the arena. 

Matt Jackson then said he called in a favor from a friend and Matt Hardy appeared in the rafters.

Watch how the reveal went down below.