Matt Hardy — Required 38 Stitches After BRUTAL Guitar Shot (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Matt Hardy guitar stitches jeff jarrett wrestling wrestlecade video

Cringe-inducing video of the guitar shot this weekend that required Matt Hardy to get 38 stitches has been released.  And yes, it’s just as gnarly as it sounds.

The whole thing went down Saturday at Wrestlecade IV in Winston-Salem, North Carolina when Jeff Jarrett hit Matt with his signature guitar after a run-in from Ethan Carter.

However — as you can see in the video — Matt is accidentally hit with the edge of the instrument and begins to heavily bleed afterward.

The spot opened a huge gash on Matt Hardy’s head and he stayed overnight at the hospital for observation, just to be safe. We’re told no internal damage was found by the time he was released.

Watch the video. You’ve been warned.