Matt Hardy Teases Possible WWE End Date in Latest “Free The Delete” (VIDEO)

matt hardy free the delete wwe contract tease current vessel

The latest edition of Matt Hardy’s web series “Free the Delete” seems to tease that his time in WWE will come to an end in March. 

The description for the video explains:

In “FREE THE DELETE” Episode 7, Matt learns the dark fate of ZENITH, the ESSENCE housed inside his VESSEL. This devastating news leaves Matt in a state of LIMBO. A gathering of family and friends occurs in the #HouseHardy Starcade Arcade, with hopes it will help Matt overcome his disappointment and depression.

Notable things that happen in the episode:

  • The voice speaking to Matt tells him a command came from Abomination and says “you may know her from her aliases Abcess or Abigail” as water being pulled from the Lake of Reincarnation, where Bray Wyatt once took a dip, is shown.
  • Matt learns the current essence housed inside his vessel will cease to exist past 3220 because it has been terminally infected by Abomination and Kennagen, who is presumably Vince McMahon. As it has been reported Matt will be finishing up with WWE in the coming months, this would seem to indicate his final day is March 2, 2020. 
  • Matt is then told to let his original essence, Zenith, die and be buried with pride.
  • The episode ends with Matt acting lost in his current self and Reby slapping sense into him

Watch the video below.

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