Matt Hardy Booked For Match on Raw, Despite Write-Off Angle

matt hardy raw randy orton no holds barred despite write off angle

Despite being involved in an angle this week on Raw intended to write him off WWE TV, Matt Hardy has now been booked in a match on Monday against Randy Orton. 

WWE announced Randy and Matt will face-off in a no holds barred match following the con-chair-to angle that took place a few days ago. “Randy Orton seems to take a particular delight in destroying legends these days. He’ll be more than happy to do it again,” the announcement adds. 

As we previously reported, the angle was done to write Matt out of WWE since his contract expires at the beginning of March. However … sources tell us WWE’s creative team felt Orton vs. Hardy was a great match to book since the angle was well-received by fans, so they decided to extend this part of the story another week.

According to sources, Hardy passed on the latest offer from WWE last week and there’s heavy interest from other promotions … so the next few weeks should be interesting.