Stevie Ray Claims He Once Saw The Nasty Boys Chest-Punch Matt Damon (VIDEO)

matt damon nasty boys stevie ray punch video fight beat up

The Nasty Boys have always been wild … but if WCW wrestler Stevie Ray is to be believed, the tag team once chest-punched the hell out of Matt Damon before he was an A-lister.

Ray talked about the incident on his show Standing Up For Greatness and detailed running into Damon with the Nasties, Haku and Barbarian at a bar in Tennessee after a WCW event.

The wrestler says Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags recognized Matt Damon from his role in School Ties — which came out before his breakout in Good Will Hunting — and wanted to punch the actor because of his bad guy role in the movie, for some reason.

Stevie claims the now-Oscar winner admitted it was him in the flick and the group began to mark out, but Sags had the opposite reaction and punched Damon hard in the chest. Knobbs joined in too. Surprisingly, the actor took the punch and briefly continued to hang with the wrestlers.

In case you don’t believe the story, there is some info to support it. Matt has said he moved to Knoxville in ’97 before shooting The Rainmaker and worked at a bar for free to get the accent down.

Watch the full story below.