Marty Scurll Re-Signs With Ring of Honor, Joins Booking Team (UPDATED)

marty scurll re-signs signs roh ring of honor contract lead booker

“The Villain” Marty Scurll has signed a new deal with Ring of Honor, but that’s not all … he’s also joined the booking team.

PWInsider reports the length of Scurll’s new deal is unclear, but ROH has been locking talent into two-year contracts as of late and they presume his deal to be at least that long.

PWInsider also reports Scurll will be taking on the role of lead booker, but sources tell us he will instead share the position with Hunter Johnston aka Delirious who will remain as Executive Producer.

We’re told the two will be working together in the creative process, as Johnston knows the TV side of the producing process due to his experience, while Marty focuses on bigger picture things and a new creative vision that Hunter can help with.

According to sources, Marty will also be working to help strengthen ROH’s relationships with NWA and NJPW … as well as possibly start one AEW.

As of this writing, no official announcement has been made by Scurll or Ring of Honor.