Marty Scurll Makes Interesting Appearance on “Being the Elite”

marty scurll aew being the elite cameo appearance surprise roh ring of honor

ROH booker Marty Scurll made a surprise appearance on “Being the Elite” this week … but it wasn’t quite the triumphant reunion wrestling fans have been clamoring for.

As the episode was coming to a close with its usual animated bumper, the show instead cut to a scene taking place the night before “Double or Nothing” between The Young Bucks and Hangman Page.

Page tells the brothers they’re at a disadvantage against Inner Circle prior to the Stadium Stampede and that The Elite are clearly in shambles. Because of this, he suggests they huddle together. The group then talk about how they need to get on the same page like the old days.

“It just feels like there’s been something missing all along,” Matt says. “I don’t know exactly what that is, who that is, but it’s something. And if we’re ever gonna beat Inner Circle, we need that something, right? It’s like, if there was just SOMEONE that could walk right through that door and was the secret to helping us with this entire situation.”

As the threesome are discussing this with their eyes closed, Marty Scurll walks through the door wearing a face mask. He then takes it off to reveal himself, but the group ignore him.

“I’m back, baby,” he proclaims while trying to get their attention, but they treat him like a busboy who they want to leave. Marty finally gives up on trying to get through to them and exits the room. 

As we previously reported, one of Marty’s goals upon becoming a booker was to strengthen ROH’s relationships with their partner promotions and possibly form a new one with AEW. He’s also gone on record saying both parties are willing to work together and that it was just a matter of timing.

Watch his cameo appearance on the latest BTE below.