Marty Scurll Addresses Sexual Abuse Allegation

marty scurll statement addresses sexual abuse allegation #speakingout movement wrestling

ROH booker/wrestler Marty Scurll has released a statement regarding a sexual abuse allegation made about him as part of the current #SpeakingOut movement.

The accusations were made by a fan who claims Scurll sexually abused her in 2015 after an IPW: UK show when she was 16 years old and intoxicated.

On Tuesday, Marty released the following statement: 

I am aware that a young woman has bravely come forward with her account of sexual abuse by some members of the wrestling community in the UK 5 years ago, a community I was a part of.

Although I truly believe that our encounter that evening was consensual, and the fact that the encounter was legal; is almost not the point. I understand that she now views our encounter as part of a bigger problem within the wrestling community.

What concerns me at this moment is that from what I have been reading, she is a fan of wrestling and was made to feel unsafe within that community. This is not acceptable. I also understand that people have been attacking her on social media, and I implore you to please stop. She has a right to her voice and it is our responsibility to listen.

Ring of Honor has yet to comment on the matter as of this writing.

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  1. As much as I love Marty. I can not look at him in the same way anymore. She was 16 Marty that is not consensual or legal. I do not care what it says on the books in the UK she is a minor.

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