Marko Stunt Says He Was Depressed For Months in AEW Over Fan Backlash

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The latest episode of AEW’s “Road To” series features a spotlight on Jurassic Express in which Marko Stunt talks about being depressed over the way fans reacted to him.

This portion of the episode begins with Marko’s partner Jungle Boy talking about their faction going against size stereotypes and why that is working so well for them as a team.

“Jungle Boy and I are kinda like characters in a book that people can identify with,” Luchasaurus adds. “Jungle Boy is the boy that all the kids in the story will identify with and want to be, who brings me in as his protector.”

As for Marko, his two partners talk about how his small size inspires them and others.

Screengrabs are then shown during the video package to emphasize the hate Stunt receives on Twitter. “When I first showed up in AEW, they didn’t understand why I was there,” Marko explains. “They didn’t understand why I got booked or why I got hired or anything. Cause why would this 5-foot-1 kid from Olive Branch, Mississippi be on national TV?”

“I did not take it well at first. The first couple months I was very depressed and I didn’t feel like I should be wrestling,” the 23-year-old wrestler added. 

Marko has now been able to move past that, however, and seems to be in a better headspace.

“Whether they jump on board with me or whether they still dislike me, whatever. I’m still gonna be here. I’m still gonna be Marko Stunt in AEW. I’m still gonna do my thing. You have a passion for something. You go out there, you live that passion. You grow with that! And you make yourself better at that. You make that your thing and you be the best you can be at that. Who’s gonna tell you no? Who’s gonna be able to tell you no if you’re the best at that? You make yourself the best at that. You live your dreams.”

Jurassic Express will face-off against Best Friends and Orange Cassidy this Wednesday on Dynamite.

Watch the video below.