Mark Henry Praises Keith Lee For Bringing ‘Big Guy Magic’ Back (VIDEO)

keith lee wwe backstage mark henry big guy magic

Keith Lee was a guest on last night’s episode of WWE Backstage where he received praise from Mark Henry for bringing “big guy magic” back.

Lee and Henry sat down for a one-on-one interview Tuesday night which began with the WWE Hall of Famer saying he believes Keith is changing the game for the way bigger guys are portrayed.

“How does it feel to be able to bring back the big guy magic,” Mark asked. “I call it big guy magic because there’s no big guys leapfrogging, arm dragging, plancha, off the top, in the ring, you name it, you get it done.”

Lee then talked about how it was an honor for the WWE legend to even suggest that and said it’s special being able to help bring that back. 

Watch the full interview below, as well as some of the other clips from last night’s show. 

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