Maria Kanellis Would Like to See Divas Championship Return as Third Women’s Title

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The Divas Championship was retired at WrestleMania 32, but Maria Kanellis says she’d like to see it brought back as a third title for women on the main roster.

Kanellis responded on Monday to a fan asking what the one thing she’d “want to change or maybe see different” in the current WWE women’s era. She replied, “I’d bring back the Divas title.” 

As you may recall, WWE Hall of Famer Lita announced the Divas title was no more at WM32 and Charlotte became the first to hold the Women’s Championship.

“The Divas Champions have value,” Maria continued. “They are an important part of the Evolution of Women in the WWE.” 

In a later tweet, she wrote: “I’d have all three titles. Just like the IC or the US. Why not have several opportunities for women to become champions?”

For those unaware — Kanellis got her start in WWE via the ’04 Diva Search. She then competed from ’05 – ’10 along the likes of Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, Mickie James, Melina and others. 

“There are few people that truly understand what the Divas title was supposed to be,” Maria added on Twitter. “It was supposed to be another title to fight for, just like there are today, not the only title. But people criticize that don’t understand and that’s just ignorance.”

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