Maria Kanellis Blogs About Recent Nude Photo Leak

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WWE star Maria Kanellis has commented on her recent nude photo leak, calling it an “intrusion of privacy” and saying the people who stole them need to get help.

Kanellis posted a blog on Facebook today titled “Playboy, Leaked Photos, and Being Sexy” in which she states: “I have been asked on numerous occasions about Playboy, my leaked photos, and about being sexy. My answers may surprise you and hopefully give you some insight into what it means to me to be able to be sexy and still be a great mother.”

She continued, “I guess first you should know, every photo that I have seen leaked was something for my husband of over three years, who I have been with for 6 and a half. They were sent to or taken by Mike. So, you aren’t seeing anything salacious or forbidden. You are seeing our personal photos.”

“If my children asks about those photos, I will say mommy and daddy have a healthy relationship. We love each other. Daddy thinks Mommy is sexy. AND, there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is the intrusion of privacy.” Maria adds, “The sad, sad humans that can not make a happy, healthy life of their own. I would tell my child to feel sorry for the people that do not have enough love of their own and have to steal it from others. Mommy and daddy, pity the people that have enough time on their hands to fish through our photos but no time to make a life of their own. To those people, I say get some help, try online dating, and stop breaking the law.

Maria Kanellis’ full post can be read below.

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  1. I honestly did not even know or care that she had nudies. I mean, it was not even reported on most of the sites. That’s how irrelevant she has been this year.

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