WATCH: Mansoor Says He Showed What Saudis Can Do at Super ShowDown

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NXT wrestler Mansoor was interviewed after his big win at WWE Super ShowDown and talked about what it means for his fellow Saudi Arabians.

In a video posted on WWE’s Instagram page, Mansoor began by saying there was a period of time before the match where he didn’t think he could win. The wrestler then explained that he’s never had a platform like this to perform on though, so tonight he took advantage of it.

“I showed everybody exactly what I can do,” he explained. “And I showed everybody exactly what Saudis can do when you give them the opportunity. When you give them the opportunity to do their best at what they’re passionate about. About what they dream about. The doctors, the teachers, the musicians, the artists, the WWE Superstars. You just give us a chance and we’ll take it, because no one else has.” 

For those who missed the show, Mansoor eliminated Elias to win the 50-man battle royal at WWE Super ShowDown and got a MAJOR pop from the crowd (seen here).

Watch his backstage interview below.