Fans at the Manhattan Center Were PISSED OFF During Raw 25 (VIDEO)

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Raw 25 only had minimal action at the Manhattan Center, causing fans in attendance to convey their anger by chanting “bullsh*t” and “refund.”

Besides what was shown on TV, the MC show also featured two cruiserweight matches for the live audience. When the second ended in no contest, the crowd finally lost their patience … which can be seen in the video below.

We’re told things calmed down after Woken Matt vs. Bray Wyatt, but it’s clear they weren’t happy about watching most of the action on a giant screen.

11 Comments on "Fans at the Manhattan Center Were PISSED OFF During Raw 25 (VIDEO)"

  1. They really had a chance to do something cool here and test the waters for a smaller arena show for 205 Live or whatever. It was horrible and I feel sorry for whomever had to sit through it. I’m still pissed that I gave WWE another chance to win me back.

  2. should maybe have had the pre show and 1hr there, then the last 2hrs in the Barclay centre. surely that would’ve worked better. a true retro Raw then hand over to progress the current product in time for the rumble?

    • Totally agree Andy. I really can’t understand why fans were so dissapointed and what they could have been expecting? The MC show was over an hour if you put everything together, and that certainly fits the bill for an old school 1 hour 93 RAW from that same venue. If they put it all in a row rather then going back and forth with long breaks, perhaps fans would have gotten that point? I personally loved the overall show, and would have driven over 500 miles and pay around $100 to be at the MC that night if it were a possibility. It’s the last (probably) RAW from the MC, that in of itself would be worth it. Instead these fans were clearly spoiled and expected much beyond anything realistic. I say all of this, and yet I find watching RAW normally to be a chore. Oh and for the record I hate Roman Reigns.He is the WORST.

  3. Sucks but these people will still, support the crappy WWE product.

  4. Larry Csonka sucks.

  5. I feel bad because they paid all that money for tickets to MC RAW. They honestly thought they were getting the RAW show there.

  6. Prooves that WWE is turning into WCW.

  7. I’m sorry but 25 th anniversary with king and jr on commentary and stars like Austin, DX, Taker and everyone else the WHOLE show should have been at the Manhattan center, with all the backstage promo’s recorded live or not live just like the old days so they would have been perfect. I don’t know, but greed was in the air.

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