Mandy Rose Beats Sonya Deville in Loser Leaves WWE Match at SummerSlam

mandy rose sonya deville loser leaves wwe summerslam

Sonya Deville was defeated by Mandy Rose at SummerSlam in a Loser Leaves WWE match.

The two competitors faced-off Sunday night in a match that was originally scheduled to be a hair vs. hair match prior to being changed at the end of the week.

The finish of the match saw Sonya attempt to hit Mandy’s finisher, only for Rose to reverse out of it. She followed it up with three running knee strikes in a row, her finisher and another running knee strike to get the pinfall victory.

Sonya then freaked out in anger ringside while Otis ran to the ring to celebrate with Mandy, who did the caterpillar as he watched on.

Watch the end of the match below.