Paige Blames The Miz for Mandy vs. Naomi Not Occurring on SD Live As Announced

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If you’re unhappy Mandy Rose vs. Naomi didn’t happen on SmackDown Live as announced, don’t blame Paige … because she says it was The Miz’s fault.

For those unaware, Paige booked the match via social media after the two wrestlers began talking smack on Twitter. That didn’t happen, however, so Tom Phillips got the scoop.

“The Miz is actually what happened,” the SD Live GM explained. “Making matches that I didn’t even know was gonna happen! And so, obviously the ladies couldn’t be part of it. But what I do know is, is that Mandy and Naomi is not over.” 

Paige did not further explain what she meant by the last part of her comment. 

In case you missed it, Miz booked an impromptu tag match during the show with Shane as his partner. Paige then scolded the local team and referee because it wasn’t “cleared” through her.

Watch Paige’s booking explanation below.