Macaulay Culkin Interferes in Wrestling Match Using ‘Home Alone’ Tactics (VIDEO)

Macaulay Culkin bar wrestling home alone match interfere video

Bar Wrestling in Los Angeles got a special Christmas surprise tonight after Macaulay Culkin interfered in a match using Home Alone-style tactics — and the video is AWESOME!

Culkin got involved during a match pitting Worlds Cutest Tag Team and Dick Justice vs. Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas and Swoggle after he emptied a bucket full of balls into the squared circle — causing the heel team to trip and fall in the middle of the ring.

Macaulay then got into a scuffle with Swoggle and shoved him to the floor.

Minutes later, the actor climbed the middle rope and launched a bucket tied to a string into the face of the opposing team and helped the good guys pick up the win with a top rope splash.

Check out the full video below, which were told they filmed for a new YouTube series Macauley is planning to launch soon.