Luther Details AEW Signing Process, Says He Wasn’t Handed a Job (VIDEO)

luther aew all elite wrestling interview signing process not handed job audition tapes

AEW’s Luther may be close friends with Chris Jericho, but the wrestler says getting signed by All Elite Wrestling was a rigorous process that required multiple auditions.

Luther talked about how his signing came about on the AEW YouTube series “Thank You For Being a Friend” with Justin Roberts.

During the interview, the journeyman wrestler explained that contrary to popular belief he was was NOT semi-retired before joining the company. He was simply wrestling on weekends only, like many indie wrestlers do.

“Chris had called and said they needed an audition tape, they were looking for something,” he said regarding how he came to AEW. “I sent in some audition tapes of some interviews and, actually, everyone is like ‘uh, you got handed stuff’ or you got this, or that. No. I sent in like three audition tapes. Had to go do a screen test. Lots of hoops. Lots of trying and I’m still there kicking it!”

Watch the full interview detailing his career below.