Luke Harper — Apparent Injury Captured on Film, Same For Strowman Fan Incident (VIDEO)

Luke Harper Injury video raw leg knee braun strowman fan incident

The apparent injury suffered by Luke Harper after RAW was captured on video by someone in the crowd … the same filmer who recorded Braun Strowman‘s ringside run-in with a fan.

The Wyatt Family wrestled Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler and Sami Zayn in a dark match after RAW — but things clearly didn’t go as planned when Harper fell to the ground during a spot and landed awkwardly on his knee.

In the video, Harper quickly tags out and is tended to outside of the ring for the rest of the match.

Moments later, Strowman suddenly reacts to something while taking a breather on the outside barrier … then begins pointing at someone in the crowd to alert security. According to reports, the person was removed from the arena for getting physical with Braun.

Sounds like the most newsworthy moments on RAW this week weren’t even on the show.