Lucha Underground Season 4 Update, Talent Exclusivity Will Be ‘Relaxed’

lucha underground talent exclusivity contracts

The executive producer of Lucha Underground has acknowledged it wasn’t fair to keep talent off TV for up to a year between seasons, so he claims their exclusivity going forward will be “relaxed.”

Eric Van Wagenen told the Masks, Mats & Mayhem show that they’ll be easing up on where people will be allowed to work because no one on their team expected LU to have a hiatus that lasted over one year and it isn’t beneficial for either sides if a wrestler is kept off TV for that long.

“The Lucha Underground LLC partners are going to do a talent exchange with Impact, with Ring of Honor, with NOAH in Japan, Stardom.” Wagenen continued, “This is all under Dorian’s control, but we’re definitely gonna start letting our guys branch out. We’re gonna try to help negotiate relationships with other promotions so that our guys can get more TV exposure.”

He also noted that they were initially territorial … but due to the relationship with Impact Wrestling, they’ve now realized it only helps their company.

In regards to unhappy talent though, the Lucha EP says they’ve had release requests and they’ll be happy to grant them once the characters can be written out of storylines.

As for Rey Fenix and Pentagon Dark, Eric says he believes they’ll be back for Season 4.

Check out the full interview below.

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