Lucha Underground Settles Lawsuits with Talent, Wrestlers Allegedly Released

lucha underground lawsuits settled joey ryan kobra moon el hijo del fantasma ivelisse

The wrestlers who sued Lucha Underground have reportedly been granted releases after settling with their former employer.

As you may recall, Baba-G Productions and El Rey Network were hit with lawsuits involving El Hijo del Fantasma, Texano Jr., Ivelisse, Joey Ryan and Kobra Moon. The lawsuits claimed the wrestlers were being held to unfair contracts that make them lose money. 

The lawyer for all the wrestlers released the following statement to

“I’m honored to say that we received 100% of the relief that we were suing to obtain and four young talented wrestlers are no longer bound by an unfair contract that prohibits them from taking full advantage of their talents at the prime of their career.” 

Fantasma will allegedly drop his separate lawsuit per the terms of the agreement. Texano apparently dropped his lawsuit prior to the settlement. He’s not expected to depart AAA.

An official statement has yet to be released by Lucha Underground.