Lucha Underground Sends Legal Threat Over Spoilers

lucha underground legal threat letter spoilers season 4

Pro Wrestling Sheet received a legal threat from Lucha Underground‘s parent company on Wednesday requesting we cease publication of spoilers from their tapings and reveal our sources. Unfortunately for them, I won’t be doing that … mainly due to the Constitution.

A lawyer representing Lucha Libre FMV LLC sent a letter stating the following:


Yes, they sent a legal letter to us over spoilers from a wrestling show. Really.

Here’s our response:

The truth of the matter is this: Someone is trying to use scare tactics in an effort to dictate what goes on my news website and I won’t stand for that. I write news about television shows that feature oiled up people in their underwear rolling around on top of each other. I’m not reporting on confidential military secrets. It’s not insider trading. It’s fun. It’s an escape for millions of people around the world — a majority of which aren’t even aware of my website — and not once has a “spoiler” caused Lucha Underground to lose money.

If anything, spoilers have gotten people hyped on things to come so they’d know if it’s something they need to watch. In my opinion, spoilers have helped Lucha Underground get buzz prior to every season.

I’ll keep you guys updated if there are any further developments.