Lucha Underground Sends Legal Threat Over Spoilers

lucha underground legal threat letter spoilers season 4

Pro Wrestling Sheet received a legal threat from Lucha Underground‘s parent company on Wednesday requesting we cease publication of spoilers from their tapings and reveal our sources. Unfortunately for them, I won’t be doing that … mainly due to the Constitution.

A lawyer representing Lucha Libre FMV LLC sent a letter stating the following:


Yes, they sent a legal letter to us over spoilers from a wrestling show. Really.

Here’s our response:

The truth of the matter is this: Someone is trying to use scare tactics in an effort to dictate what goes on my news website and I won’t stand for that. I write news about television shows that feature oiled up people in their underwear rolling around on top of each other. I’m not reporting on confidential military secrets. It’s not insider trading. It’s fun. It’s an escape for millions of people around the world — a majority of which aren’t even aware of my website — and not once has a “spoiler” caused Lucha Underground to lose money.

If anything, spoilers have gotten people hyped on things to come so they’d know if it’s something they need to watch. In my opinion, spoilers have helped Lucha Underground get buzz prior to every season.

I’ll keep you guys updated if there are any further developments.

40 Comments on "Lucha Underground Sends Legal Threat Over Spoilers"

  1. Well if they are so worried about spoilers getting out (Im shocked it took till Season 4 really to get anything out of the Temple on spoilers to begin with) they shouldnt hold off on airing the episodes for 7 months after they tape an entire Season

    I never understood this tape a whole season before it airs stuff they do

    • Stewieh Veneralle | March 8, 2018 at 11:33 am | Reply

      the film the entire season at once to keep costs down. its easier to film the 50 episodes or so at once over a 3 day period, then to film all 50 over a span. what you see being filmed in the ring is only a very small tiny part of what actually goes on. You have to realize they have a hollywood like editing they do, plus all the backstage interviews, the promos inside and out of the temple, etc. So while yes it took them 3 days to film the wrestling aspect, it takes them much longer to get all the promos done and all the editing and all the other fine details down.

    • Tomii Cornwell | March 8, 2018 at 12:55 pm | Reply

      Entire Season 3 tapings were spoiled last year, and it had 0 effect on Lucha Underground.

  2. Corwin Brown | March 8, 2018 at 11:32 am | Reply

    Go Lucha !

  3. Will Henderson | March 8, 2018 at 12:44 pm | Reply

    meanwhile, at the offices of Jerry McDevitt, Jerry getting a phone call by Vince McMahon screaming, “why didn’t we think of that, that’s it we are adding a “you spoil the results, we sue clause to each ticket”

  4. Lucha Underground acting like a bunch of pussies.

  5. Pentagon beat Cage in a title match last weekend at the tapings.

  6. Fuck you lucha underground.

  7. THE G.O.A.T JG | March 8, 2018 at 3:01 pm | Reply

    No, you piece of shit. What you did was spoil a TV Show. A show which YOU SIGNED an agreement to not spoil, much like game shows that are taped months in advance. I hope they bury you in legal fees.

    • You a dumb motherfucker.

      • THE G.O.A.T JG | March 8, 2018 at 3:12 pm | Reply

        You a dumbass if u dont know that its a TV Show. #GetWoke

        • You stupid moron. The only people who sign a NDA are people who went to the tapings the past 2 weekends. Ryan attended NEITHER. A guy from socal uncensored went and gave the results to all the sites. Which makes this cease and desist look like shit.

          Now YOU go back to sucking dick because you are a dumb moron.

        • Please think before you speak 😂

  8. It’s not illegal to threaten to sue someone; if they actually filed a lawsuit, a judge would probably spend an hour yelling at them and their legal team for wasting a court’s time and then subsequently rule in default judgment with legal fees for PWS. There’s no legal basis for any of their claim, but they already knew that.

  9. I’d do the same shit if you came or anyone you talked to came on my film set and spoiled it for others just to get clicks. They had every right to ask for it to be taken down. Better lawyer up, buddy.

  10. If they’re so worried about spoilers being leaked before the shows air, why tape so damn far in advance??? We live in 2018, an era that the internet is prominent. You cannot expect to keep your shows’ results a secret when pretty much everyone who attends these shows has connection to the internet in some way shape or form. NOBODY is going to agree to their “terms” of not spoiling the shows smh wtf is wrong with this company

    • Rick Rude's Moustache | March 9, 2018 at 12:05 am | Reply

      Because they have to save money by doing advance tapings you fucking nimrod. The budget they are given dictates that. It’s a dick move to release the spoilers when the company wants to go to lengths to keep shit quiet. You never get spoilers about Walking Dead and GoT, I dont understand why in wrestling its okay to give out spoilers.

      • Pussy.

      • Here. Enjoy these LU season 4 spoilers taped last weekend you asshole:

        Lucha Underground News & Notes 03/03/2018
        Steve Bryant · 03/03/2018 Full Article
        News 0
        Updates from the March 1 through March 3 Lucha Underground tapings plus information on the Lucha Underground versus IMPACT show taking place during Wrestlemania Week in New Orleans. There are spoilers for Lucha Underground season four in this update so don’t read further if you are trying to avoid them. Click for today’s update.

        This week’s Lucha Underground tapings took place on Thursday through Saturday because AAA is holding their Rey de Reyes event in Puebla, Mexico. Rey de Reyes will be airing live on AAA’s Twitch channel at 4:00 p.m. PT. It is headlined by a Hijo del Fantasma (King Cuerno in Lucha Underground) versus Texano Jr. mask vs. hair match.

        Rich Swann was backstage at this week’s Lucha Underground tapings, however he did not appear in any matches.

        On the Thursday, March 1 tapings Dragon Azteca Jr. won the vacant Gift of the Gods title at by defeating Dezmond Xavier and King Cuerno in a triple threat match. Dezmond Xavier made his debut in the promotion at last Sunday’s tapings.

        There were no matches with Chelsea Green, Sammy Guevara, or Tommy Dreamer at this weekend’s tapings.

        I have been told they are filming quite a bit of stuff out of order from how it will actually air.

        Saturday’s taping was their biggest of the weekend with a couple of major angles taking place. First they held a wedding ceremony between Taya and Johnny Mundo. Joey Wrestling (Joey Mercury) and PJ Black were the groomsmen and Cheerleader Melissa (as Melissa and not Mariposa) and Beautiful Brenda were the bridesmaids. Famous B officiated the ceremony. Antonio Cueto gifted them catered tacos as a sign of affection for them. Matanza Cueto interrupted the ceremony. He headbutted Taya when he first got in the ring and busted her open. Taya got thrown into the wedding cake as well and the table of tacos was destroyed.

        Pentagon Dark and Brian Cage continued their feud that was setup at last weekend’s tapings with a Last Man or Machine Standing match for Pentagon Dark’s Lucha Underground title. This was said to be a crazy match with lots of tables and chairs and Pentagon hitting a Canadian Destroyer on Cage off the ropes through a table. Pentagon Dark retained the title in the match.

        Jack Swagger / Hager is being called Jack Strong in Lucha Underground. He defeated Drago on Saturday.

        Eli Everfly made his debut with the promotion this weekend. On the March 3 tapings he was in a three-way with Mil Muertes and Marty “The Moth” Martinez, with Martinez winning. It was said Everfly was getting a few heckles when he came out but by the end of the match everyone in the building was going nuts for him and he had the performance of the night.

        A couple of other notable matches from Saturday’s tapings were Dragon Azteca successfully defending the Gift of the Gods title against Killshot and Matanza beating Joey Wrestling then sacrificing him to the Gods. The lights went red and then went out and when they came back on Joey Wrestling was gone from the ring (the live audience could see him roll out and run off).

      • Because it’s wrestling….lol and so what if they spoil the results? They have the right to do so, freedom of speech. It’s not against the law if they do. Not saying I wouldn’t be salty too if it were my company, but fact of the matter is the fans aren’t in the wrong for revealing results to a scripted sport.

      • LMAO you absolutely DO get spoilers for those shows. AMC does the same thing with legal action. I assume HBO does too, but I avoid GoT spoilers as best I can. You have to go websites and FB groups dedicated to shows, like how wrestling sites are covering wrestling.

    • If wrestling websites promoted the 80 plus wrestling promotions around the world, they wouldn’t have time to ask people to send in their spoilers from wrestling shows.There’s thousands of interviews ,websites could do with indie wrestlers and promoters.

  11. Rick Rude's Moustache | March 9, 2018 at 12:03 am | Reply

    Your OPINION Ryan, doesn’t match THEIR opinion. Whether or not you believe spoilers create hype (which is BS, its only been a detriment to wrestling) – Lucha Underground specifically ask people to sign these agreements because they believe that spoilers hurt their viewership. They believe it hurts them. Whether a spoiler has or hasnt had a direct effect on money being lost isn’t as simple as typing that sentence out. It’s a trickle effect – they have to do mass tapings to save money, if all spoilers for a season get out before it airs, do you really not think that hurts them? That’s why they do it. So going ahead and posting spoilers when you know they don’t want you to just makes you a bad person doing something on purpose for clicks. I really don’t understand what motivates you to say and do the things you do. You’re a grown adult and you act like this all the time and you start problems with people ALL the time. You never stop burning bridges and you are going to end up exiling yourself from the industry if you keep up with garbage like this. I don’t know why you have to start drama all the time. Own up to your mistakes and bad decisions for once.

  12. Darksoul SF✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ | March 9, 2018 at 12:21 am | Reply

    AAA/Luncha Underground Suing Prowrestlingsheet will be violations of the Constitution.

  13. Except most wrestling news sites are completely retarded when it comes to keeping spoilers seperate from all the other news.ive had poilers given in articles that arent even related to whats been spoiled before. If a site gave a spoiler away for the series finale of Game of thrones before the 1st episode aired it would be considered a dick move. Why is it not considered the same for wrestling shows. Ive seen thumbnail pics on websites showing newly crowned champions holding a belt. Why websites cant just have a seperate section of the website dedicated to spoilers is beyond me. And saying spoilers help a show get viewers is bullshit. Just as many people dont see the point in watching a match they know the results to. Remember lucha underground is just as much a serialised tv show as it is a wrestling show. The makers of it have different priorities to a straight up wrestling company. Maybe them threatening legal action is too much but dont hide behind the constitution when youre being a dick. Just try to be less of a dick or hide your dickishness on another part of the website.

  14. Cryin Ryan says spoilers don’t hurt a wrestling show? BS

  15. Satin continues to get himself in hot water with people in the business.

  16. Hey yo.

  17. Just wanna preface this by saying that I don’t work for anyone, I only came here because of the click-baity title and my interest in legal stuff.
    Also, question: why not wait until the TV episodes air? I would think there’s a lot more to say about a fully viewed match than simply the results. “Ricky Steamboat defeats Randy Savage for the IC Title” doesn’t exactly sum up the match or its high quality. Plus, it avoids this mess altogether.

    Anyway, the fact these spoilers are posted means that SOMEONE violated their NDA, which is likely the real reason that this cease and desist notice arrived. The First Amendment only guarantees that CONGRESS (and by extension the government) can’t restrict a person’s free speech or reporting. It protects the publisher/speaker, not the sources.
    Furthermore, when someone voluntarily waives their right to speak freely about information they possess, which is essentially what an NDA is, The First Amendment no longer applies. Your source is committing an crime by telling you this stuff, even with The First Amendment taken into account, and Lucha Underground has the right to enforce its own NDA when said NDA has clearly been violated (and provided the NDA doesn’t pertain to criminal activity). Yes, you have the right to publish the information, as you’re not bound by the NDA, but there are legal actions that can be taken to determine the source. For example, Buzzfeed’s suing the Democratic National Convention for verification of a dossier they published, a dossier that was not ratified but which came from the Democratic Party. I imagine similar actions can be taken to wedge the source’s identity from you, should Lucha Underground’s bankrollers feel that it would be cost them less money than allowing these spoilers to continue. Or, alternatively, if they decide that making an example of you would save them money in the future. Either way, this may not be as open-shut as you seem to think it is, if lawyers get involved.

    All I’m saying is, “Are the clicks really worth a possible lawsuit?” These guys are already on a reduced budget as is, which is the only reason a 4th Season even happened. Obviously they view spoilers as being bad for business, or they wouldn’t go out of their way to plug a leak like this. They might be rattling their chains, but have you considered what happens if they’re not, and they DO take you to court to find out who your source is? I’m no lawyer, but I’d wager one could make a good spin about you being an accessory after the fact. “An accessory after the fact may be, where a person, knowing a [crime] to have been committed, receives, relieves, comforts, or assists the [criminal]. Therefore, to make an accessory ex post facto, it is in the first place requisite that he knows of the [crime] committed.” It’s a reach, sure, but as I was told growing up, “A good lawyer can convince you that black is white and right is left.”

    So maybe give this a second thought, with consideration to both your position and theirs. And maybe seek a good lawyer’s [preferably unpaid] opinion, just in case. Never hurts to take precautions. Cheers.

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