WATCH: Low-Ki Explains Why He Kept “Bloodsport” Deposit Despite Not Competing

low-ki bloodsport deposit video matt riddle

Low-Ki has issued a video statement to explain his reason for pocketing deposit money paid to him for an event he was unable to compete at this month.

For those unaware, Low Ki was scheduled to wrestle Matt Riddle at his Bloodsport event in New Orleans during WrestleMania weekend. However, Ki was replaced by Minoru Suzuki due to injury.

The event was run by Game Changer Wrestling and promoter Brett Lauderdale tweeted this week saying, “And so I ask you [Low-Ki] with all due respect: Because you were not able to compete, can you please refund our deposit? We have not “buried” you or questioned your motivations. $800 is gymnastics lessons and 2 weeks of summer camp for my daughter. Please?”

Lauderdale’s tweet prompted a six-minute video response from Ki in which the former WWE/Impact wrestler attempts to explain that he got injured while training for the match, but still flew out to New Orleans hoping they’d be able to come up with another way to use him on the show.

Low-Ki claims that a previously agreed upon room was no longer available for him once he arrived though, because it was assumed he was no longer coming, so the wrestler paid for it himself.

Due to all of this, as well as not receiving MORE MONEY for a show he wasn’t able to compete on, the wrestler believes his professional obligations have been met and the money is his.

GCW promoter Brett Lauderdale sent us a lengthy response in which he accuses Low-Ki of “going into business for himself” and scamming their company. The statement can be READ IN FULL HERE.

Watch Low-Ki’s video below.