Logan Paul Debuts On SmackDown

YouTube megastar Logan Paul debuted on SmackDown and accepted Sami Zayn’s invitation to appear at WrestleMania!

It all went down on the latest edition of SmackDown on Fox, where Logan was a celebrity guest for the premier of Sami Zayn’s documentary trailer.

Sami extended a WrestleMania invitation to Logan, which was graciously accepted. Then the trailer for Sami’s trailer was shown, but Logan didn’t seem too impressed. Logan said that Kevin Owens had warned him to be wary of Sami earlier in the night.

Owens then appeared and hit Sami with a Stunner. Before he exited the ring, Owens gave Paul a gentle shove.

Later in the night, Sami got his own back by attacking Owens from behind backstage.

In case you missed it, Zayn revealed that Logan Paul would be a red carpet attendee for the trailer premier on last week’s SmackDown.

Owens then challenged Zayn to a match at WrestleMania. Zayn said no, but Owens goaded him into accepting. When Zayn eventually accepted the challenge, Owens beat him senseless.

Paul and Zayn have been exchanging tweets recently. Sami successfully got Logan on his side in his current dispute with WWE brass.

Logan’s role in the Zayn/Owens match has yet to be announced.

Check out Logan Paul’s SmackDown debut in the clip below.