Liv Morgan Knocked Out During RAW After Accidental Kicks to the Face (VIDEO)

liv morgan knocked out raw video brie bella

A scary moment occurred on Raw this week after Brie Bella knocked out Liv Morgan following two accidental kicks to the face. 

It all went down during a 6-woman tag match pitting the Riott Squad against Natalya and the Bella Twins. As seen in the video below, Brie began laying in her husband’s famous Yes Kicks … but accidentally rocked Liv’s head with two brutal strikes. 

Morgan tried getting back to her corner, but the 24-year-old fell to the ground a few times trying to do so and it was immediately evident something was wrong. Sara Logan eventually pulled her out of the ring and took her ringside to get checked out by the ringside doctor. 

Liv surprisingly made her way back into the ring for another spot, but ducked out to the ringside area afterward to continue getting checked out as Michael Cole tried to explain her absence. 

This comes just 12 days before the Riott Squad are set to face The Bella Twins again, this time with Ronda Rousey as their partner.  The match goes down at WWE Super Showdown broadcasting live from Australia on the WWE Network, next Saturday October 6th.

We’ll report back once more information on Liv Morgan’s condition is made available. 

UPDATE: Brie tweeted after the incident saying, “Every match on is an opportunity for us to entertain our fans. Our intentions as Superstars is to win the match, never injure our opponents. Thinking about tonight.”

8 Comments on "Liv Morgan Knocked Out During RAW After Accidental Kicks to the Face (VIDEO)"

  1. Lou DiFigliano #Deleted | September 24, 2018 at 9:52 pm | Reply

    So, that article that got Paige & Mella’s panties all in a bunch last week seemed to have it right.
    Sad, because Liv will be the one apologizing, “Oh, Brie is fantastic. She’s a great Mom. She didn’t mean it. It’s not her fault.”

    Yeah… Right. One kick might be a mistake. Two is just negligence.

    Just because Daniel was on the shelf for two years doesn’t mean the Bellas should be allowed to put other girls on the shelf.

  2. Brie should go to wrestler’s court. 🐓🏁

  3. Bella twins have been fucking up since returning.

  4. The bellas are the worst..allways have been..allways will be.

  5. Poor Riot Squad getting roughed up by a girl that can’t get her timing right and then having to do it all again, but wait for it there going to add the rookie woman’s champion Ronda Rousey which it’s amazing she doesn’t kill someone with her stiff rough looking moves.

  6. Pretty soon Botchmania is going to become a weekly series on E starring Brie.

  7. Both Bellas has been a mess since coming back.

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