Lio Rush Celebrates CZW Title Win With Adorable Phone Call to His Son (VIDEO)

lio rush czw combat zone wrestling title win call son video

Adorable moments and CZW don’t usually go hand-in-hand, but wrestler Lio Rush managed to make it happen this weekend in a video shot moments after he won their title.

In the video, Lio is seen speaking to his son on speakerphone to tell him that he had just won the CZW World Heavyweight Championship and he’s clearly excited.

“Guess what? Your daddy got a belt now,” Rush told his son. “I’m bringing home a belt.”

The wrestler’s son said “okay” in response, then told him that he didn’t care, but Rush laughed it off and told his kid that they would take a picture together with the belt when he got home.

Watch the video below, but warning … it might make you want to call your parents.