PHOTOS: Lio Rush Shows Off Bug Mask Concept That Triple H Shot Down

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Lio Rush’s heel character has a tendency to be pesky as a hornet … and now, thanks to some photos the former WWE star put out, we know he actually wanted to be one.

As part of an online sale of his old gear, Rush shared photos of an orange and black bug mask that he wanted to wear during his time on NXT.

Unfortunately, the boss wasn’t feeling it. Rush captioned the photos saying: “Once upon a time I had a vision of wearing a mask but HHH said no lol. This is just the prototype.”

In addition to the mask, Rush is selling a plethora of jackets, tights, vests and more. Released as part of the massive company layoffs on April 15th, Rush also just put out his first music album and tweeted on May 5th that he “may never wrestle again.”

It’s unclear what his future holds but, if he does return to the ring at some point, looks like he’s going to need some new attire.

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