Linda McMahon Denies Authoring Anonymous NY Times Op-Ed About President Trump

linda mcmahon donald trump ny times op-ed

The explosive anonymous op-ed about President Trump published this week by the New York Times was NOT written by Linda McMahon … at least according to her. 

For those unaware, the article published on Wednesday was allegedly written by a senior official in Trump’s administration and claims members of his staff are actively working to undermine his actions when officials believe they may pose a risk to national security. 

“I am not author of the anonymous NY Times op-ed,” Linda tweeted. “[Donald Trump] has a clear governing vision for the country and his record of results is remarkable. I am proud to serve as a member of President Trump’s Cabinet to advocate on behalf of America’s 30 million small businesses.”

McMahon isn’t the only one to deny that she wrote the article either.

Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, HUD Secretary Ben Carson, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other cabinet members have also denied being the author.

Let’s just hope this saga doesn’t end like this.