WATCH: Lince Dorado Makes His Own “Power Rangers” Themed Gear on Twitch

lince dorado twitch stream making gear power rangers white ranger money in the bank

Lince Dorado went live on Twitch for NEARLY SIX HOURS to stream himself making new “Power Rangers” themed gear for Money in the Bank.

During the lengthy stream, Dorado detailed his design and thought process while also doing all the sewing work. Lince sifted through his extensive collection of masks as well, eventually deciding to wear one inspired by the White Ranger for Sunday’s show.

The Lucha House Party member then set off to make a pair of slick pants to match!

Dorado has been making his own gear for years and his skills are incredibly impressive, as you can see in the video. He traces his own outlines, cuts his own fabric and uses the sewing machine to finish. He even busts out the ironing board! 

During the stream, Lince revealed that partner Gran Metalik will also be dressed in a Red Ranger-themed outfit on Sunday when the two face-off against The Miz & John Morrison, The Forgotten Sons and champions The New Day in a Fatal-4 Way Match for the SmackDown tag team titles.

Win or lose, at least Lucha House Party are going to look like teenagers with attitude.

CLICK HERE to see the final product or watch the full stream below.

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