Bobby Lashley and Lana Return to WWE For Makeout Session on Raw

lana bobby lashley raw return video makeout

Raw this week ended with the returns of Bobby Lashley and Lana whose surprise appearance together included an uncomfortably long makeout session.

This week’s Raw was originally scheduled to feature Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio in the main event. Mysterio was taken out by Brock Lesnar at the top of show, however, and later replaced by Rusev.

Mid-way through the match, while cutting to commercial, a limousine was shown pulling up. 

The match ultimately came to a no-contest ending when Lashley’s music hit and he hit the stage to taunt Rusev. Moments later, Lana joined Bobby onstage and the two wrestlers swapped spit. We are not using the term “swap spit” term loosely. 

Watch the video below.