Lana Admits to Being “Salty” About Her Current Situation (VIDEO)

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Lana debuted a new web series on Sunday in which she has a lot of “salty” things to say.

The “Ravishing Russian” vented her frustrations on YouTube.

“Well duh. I’m salty!” Lana exclaims while gesturing to her hurt leg. “I was gonna main event WrestleMania and make history because I’m a history maker. So yes, I’m salty,” she adds, before picking up a salt grinder and turning the handle a few times to emphasize her point.

Lana goes on to mention that she was supposed to be Naomi’s tag partner in tonight’s Women’s Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match.

“There is not enough salt in here to describe how salty I am,” she yelled while slamming the grinder down.

Watch the video below.