Lana’s Storyline Involving Rusev and Lashley Advances With Legal Docs

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The saga of Lana and Rusev continued on Raw this week after Lana announced she filed for divorce and obtained a restraining order against “The Bulgarian Brute.”

During tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Bobby Lashley was scheduled for a squash match against No Way Jose. As is becoming the case, Lana accompanied Lashley to the ring and made another announcement regarding the drama between her and Rusev before the match.

Lana explained she filed for divorce Monday morning and got a restraining order that prevents Rusev from coming anywhere within 90 miles of her. Lashley whispered in her ear and a flustered Lana attempted to correct herself by saying “90 days,” then finally landing on “90 feet.”

According to Lana, Rusev was handed the temporary restraining order after he returned to Massachusetts from the WWE European Tour.

Lana also told the crowd, “We want Rusev out of our lives forever, because Bobby and I want to be together forever.”

Rusev did not show up during the segment.