WATCH: Lana And Bobby Lashley “Arrested” on RAW

lana lashley arrested raw video rusev

After weeks of storyline restraining orders, Lana was the one who ultimately landed “behind bars” with Bobby Lashley this week on Raw — as seen in the video below. 

It all began when Kevin Owens issued an open challenge tonight that was answered by Lana and Lashley, who were accompanied by “Tennessee police officers.”

Before the match between Owens and Lashley began … Lana announced that she had placed another restraining order on Rusev, this time in the state of Tennessee.

The match ultimately ended after AOP interfered. Rusev then made a surprise appearance, breaking his restraining order to put a beatdown on Lashley. The officers failed to restrain Rusev though and “The Bulgarian Brute” escaped arrest.

A frustrated Lashley pointed out the failure to the officers and bumped them on the way up the ramp, which got him handcuffed. A livid Lana slapped one of the officers, resulting in her own “arrest” as well. The two were put in a cop car and escorted out of the building. 

Check out the footage below. 


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