Lacey Evans Criticizes Becky Lynch for Calling Herself The Man, “Is ‘Woman’ Not Good Enough?” (AUDIO)

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Main roster newcomer Lacey Evans has criticized Becky Lynch in a new interview for using “The Man” as her nickname.

“You don’t have to be ‘The Man’ to be successful or show that you’re a bad son of a gun. I could put on a dress, I could put on heels and this lipstick and still kick your ass,” Evans told Lilian Garcia on the most recent episode of Chasing Glory.

“Women have come so far — Evolution, the Mae Young Classic — to show what women are capable of,” she continued. “And you mean to tell me that you are now gonna call yourself ‘The Man’? Is ‘woman’ not good enough? Have we not proven what women are capable of?”

Evans also explained the inspiration behind her on-screen persona, and how she’s hoping to inspire the badass females of the future.

“One of the biggest things with this character is I want to show the world that you can be on a SWAT team, you can shoot every weapons system you can put your hands on, you can bake a pie just as good as you can fire a weapon and you can job done in a pair of heels just as you can in a pair of combat boots.”

Check out the whole interview below. This part of the chat begins at around 1:05.