Kyle O’Reilly to Challenge Finn Balor for NXT Championship at TakeOver

kyle o'reilly wins nxt gauntlet eliminator finn balor takeover title shot

Kyle O’Reilly has earned a shot at the NXT Championship after winning a Gauntlet Eliminator Match tonight against four other opponents.

O’Reilly faced-off against Cameron Grimes, Timothy Thatcher, Bronson Reed and KUSHIDA in the unique match concept to determine a new number one contender. 

Kyle and Cameron were the final two competitors after outlasting the rest of their opponents. The finish saw O’Reilly lock in a leglock on Grimes to get the submission victory.

After the match, Roderick Strong and Adam Cole congratulated their fellow member of Undisputed Era in the ring. Finn Balor then came out to stare him down from atop the stage as the show ended.

NXT TakeOver takes place October 4 on WWE Network.

Watch the finish of the match below.