Kota Ibushi Unleashes Fireworks in the Streets, Moonsaults Off a Car (VIDEO)

kota ibushi fireworks video moonsault car wxa

Kota Ibushi is one of the best technical wrestlers in the world … but when you hand The Golden Star some fireworks he turns into an OUTRIGHT MADMAN!

Ibushi wrestled in a tag team match at a XWA event in London on Sunday and when the fight spilled into a back alley, Kota got his hands on a Roman candle-like firework.

The wrestler began shooting it from the roof of a car like it was the Fourth of July — even firing it at his own chest at one point –then set it down to hit a moonsault off the car and onto his opponents.

Watch the insane video below!

(And don’t try this at home)

(H/T With Spandex)