Konnan Addresses Incident in Mexico with Psicosis II

konnan psicosis ii slap face video explanation address

A video of Konnan being slapped by Psicosis II went viral over the weekend and now Konnan has addressed what happened.

The incident occurred outside of the recent Impact tapings in Mexico after Psicosis II approached Konnan with a crew of people as he arrived to show. Psicosis II then slapped Konnan following a heated exchange, but things did not continue to escalate afterward as Konnan did not strike back. 

On the latest edition of Keepin’ it 100, Konnan claims the issues between them center around Psicosis II allegedly working stiff with the original Psicosis when he was brought into AAA for a program against his successor. Konnan says he has not wanted to work with II since. 

This led to the two wrestlers beefing on social media, which fired up Psicosis II enough to approach him at the Impact tapings this weekend. 

“Now I see he’s with other guys, so I’m kinda looking around and thinking, ‘bro, is this guy gonna actually jump me here with these guys?’ While I’m kinda looking out of my peripheral and I’m trying to defuse the situation, he slaps me,” Konnan explains. “I’m thinking real quick for that split second, ‘bro, if I hit him, I KNOW I’m gonna get jumped.’ I just know I am, I just feel it.”

“If we would’ve been one-on-one, I would’ve punched the sh*t out of him,” he continued. “I’m thinking in that moment, let me get out of here so I can get into the dressing room and I can get everyone out.” Konnan says by the time that happened, his attacker was gone.

FYI – Just to clarify, this is NOT the Psicosis who wrestled in WCW and WWE. 

Watch Konnan’s full explanation in the video below.