Konnan Got Shanked by Low Ki on Latest Episode of MLW Fusion (VIDEO)

konnan shanked low ki mlw fusion

This week’s episode of MLW Fusion ended with something you don’t see very often in wrestling — someone getting shanked. 

It all went down in the conclusion of the main event MLW title match between Low Ki and Konnan after the two competitors were busted open. 

Things then began to get out of control as Low Ki’s manager Salina de la Renta entered the ring with Hijo de la Park and Ricky Martinez, causing the match to end in no contest.

Next, Renta pulled out a shank — which is a homemade knife usually found in prisons — and Konnan was propped up by the group before Low Ki plunged it into his back. 

Watch the NSFW video, then tell us what you think in the comments below. 

9 Comments on "Konnan Got Shanked by Low Ki on Latest Episode of MLW Fusion (VIDEO)"

  1. If lo ki did shank konnan for real then he should be arrested. That is not wrestling. To me that proves lo ki is a punk

  2. What the hell is that growth on Konnan’s stomach?

  3. WTF? Apparently attempted murder is ok in an MLW no DQ match.

  4. Konnan getting shanked. The hell is this suppose to be? Prison wrestling or pro wrestling?

  5. I don’t care about someone getting shanked. The question I have is why is Konnan in a world title match? Wtf

  6. Lulz this isnt wrestling, its classless. Glorifying knife crime is full retard. Shame on the idiots that thought was a good idea.

  7. Now that’s wrestling. Not that WWE garbage.

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