The Crash Lucha Libre Parts Ways With Konnan

the crash lucha libre konnan parts ways released

The Crash announced today that they’ve parted ways with Konnan and released a statement that sounds like things didn’t end on the best of terms.

The statement on Facebook reads: “The Crash Lucha Libre brand is known for the way we treat people and value each and every single person that works in this company. Bettering the economical and habitual needs. Showing the support for each element and giving opportunity to new talent. In this way, the value and professionalism shown between each of its partners.”

“Not being able to comply to the Crash Lucha Libre code of ethic, is something that we do not tolerate in this company. With that being said, We now announce that Carlos Santiago Espada “Konnan”, will no longer be working with The Crash.”

It’s unclear at this point what caused the two sides to split. There’s also no word on whether this will affect Konnan’s relationship with Impact Wrestling, who are affiliated with The Crash.

As we previously reported though, Konnan was recently announced as the head writer of the new startup promotion Aro Lucha — fronted by the production team who used to work with Impact.