Konnan Announced as Head Writer For New Lucha Libre Pilot, Ex-Impact Producers Involved

konnan lucha libre pilot aroluxe aro lucha

Aroluxe Media, a company who were once in talks to purchase Impact, are jumping back into the wrestling world — this time with their own lucha libre pilot written by Konnan.

The company put out a press release on Wednesday to announce Aro Lucha and it states: “Konnan will lead the writing team to produce character-driven, authentic, and original storylines for the Aro Lucha world of Lucha Libre.”

For those who may recall, Aroluxe was funding episodes of Impact in exchange for ownership shares in TNA and at one time tried to purchase the company.

The release continues, “Aro Lucha is a high energy, family-friendly Lucha Libre promotion based in the United States. Its principals have produced over 200 hours of network television, specifically in the professional wrestling arena. They are focused on bringing authentic Stars, Characters, and Storylines to their fans through live events, social media, and digital content.”

Former TNA wrestlers Ron and Don Harris are also involved with Aro Lucha.

Konnan currently runs The Crash in Mexico and is featured on Impact Wrestling with LAX.