Kimber Lee Clarifies Feeling Behind Comparing Slavery to Killing Animals

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Former NXT wrestler Abbey Laith — aka Kimber Lee — has clarified her feelings behind sharing a meme this week which implied killing animals is just as wrong as slavery. 

For clarification, here’s what Kimber shared on Instagram yesterday:

The reaction to this post was not met with a ton of positivity. 

Kimber attempted to clarify her opinion on Friday and tweeted: “Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter what I say because you’re going to believe what you want. I said don’t stop fighting for a cause because society makes fun of you. It used some big examples of things that were HORRIBLY WRONG but you could have been ridiculed for opposing because they were considered legal 150 years ago. I would never belittle the suffering those people went through. I said don’t stop fighting because someday people will realize that brutally murdering animals is just as wrong.”

“I know in my heart my intentions,” she continued. “I know my post was meant to empower and inspire people to stand up when something is wrong and fight against injustice. But one person with a little bit of fame didn’t actually read it, they saw a buzz word and tried to accuse me.”

Adding, “I am sorry if this caused anyone offense. I’m sorry that my intentions were misread. But I will never be sorry for telling people to fight for what they believe in. Peace and love to all.”

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