Kimber Lee Resigns From Chikara Amidst Abuse Allegations Against Promotion

kimber lee chikara allegations mike quackenbush

In the wake of abuse allegations toward female trainees and staff members at Chikara, Kimber Lee has made the decision to leave the independent wrestling promotion.

Lee, who went by Princess KimberLee in Chikara, tweeted:

“I’m just sick. As of now I can not in good conscience remain a part of @CHIKARApro and it’s absolutely breaking my heart. Consider this my resignation as the princess. Don’t know if I will be back on here today. This one really hurts.”

“I feel like it’s my fault. I feel like I was used to give women hope and to make Chikara look like a safe place. I’m just disgusted. Going to be thinking long and hard about the rest of my future today. I love you all.”

This is in reference to multiple women speaking out about their experiences with abuse at Chikara, including allegations against owner Mike Quackenbush.

According to PWInsider, Quackenbush is set to announce that Chikara is permanently shutting down. Quackenbush is also reportedly resigning as the head trainer at WrestleFactory training academy in Philadelphia.

Lee joins a growing list of Chikara wrestlers who have left the company, including Dasher Hatfield, Jakob Hammermeier and Frightmare. She debuted for the company in 2014 and, outside of a year-and-a-half stint with NXT, competed for Chikara fairly regularly.