WATCH: Killer Kross is Looking for Jon Moxley in Awesome Promo Video

killer kross jon moxley promo video

Impact Wrestling star Killer Kross wants to wrestle Jon Moxley, and he made an awesome promo video in an attempt to make it happen.

Kross shared the video on social media with the caption, “Time waits for no man.” While he doesn’t mention Moxley by name, the message is clear. 

The wrestler walks into a bar in Las Vegas and begins talking to a bartender. “Some very fascinating information has just been brought to my attention,” Kross says. “Apparently, there’s a lunatic here in my city. Some guy running around talking about time. Change. Paradigm shifts. Apparently he’s carving hourglasses into bar tops just like this.”

One bar patron questions if he’s a cop and Kross hits him with a beer bottle for asking. 

Kross then added, “If you could be so kind as to deliver a message for me, if you see him, please let him know that someone is looking for him … and that he was better off staying in prison.”

As first reported by PWInsider, Killer Kross has attempted to get his release from Impact Wrestling  to no avail over financial related reasons. 

We’re told the wrestler made this promo on his own without the help of Impact. 

Watch the bad ass video below.